ASP.NET Ajax components

DbNetSuite is a set of lightweight integrated AJAX enabled ASP.NET components for creating web applications that interface with the database and file systems.

Buffalo University

Providing customers with solutions using DbNetSuite Products

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DbNetSuite products have helped provide solutions to many customers. Their products have significantly reduced our development time while greatly improving the quality of our user's web interfaces. They have also provided a means to build database management consoles that work well for administrators working with multiple RDBMS systems. DbNetSuite seamlessly allows management of data in Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Access and other ODBC compliant data warehouses.

The initial setup and operation of DbNetSuite across these RDBMS platforms can occur within a day and then your programmers have tools with which to extend the functionality of your projects and clients as far as they can go.

Quotation markWithin a private international firm, we were fortunate to have one of our programmer's come across DbNetSuite's line of Products so we purchased licenses to try it. We were very pleasantly surprised at the products we receive, we not only got programming tools, but it turned out that the DbNetSuite products allowed for an out-of-box comprehensive data management solution. The system's interfaces allowed us to quickly establish web-based data grids at all locations and spend more of our time on workflow and helping customers.

After the great success of our 1st experiences with DbNetSuite, we implemented the tools on new projects. For example, we were tasked to setup an environmental data system for a large U.S. DoD sector client. The project involved data from 12 bases across the U.S. We integrating many data sources into a data warehouse and we needed a solution that helped us bridge legacy data and RDBMS systems. The solution needed to be web-based so the warehouse could be securely accessed by numerous end-users from different locations and networks. DbNetSuite helped us to build interfaces into our data warehouse. We were able to rapidly build:

We found two extremely handy features that are enabled when using DbNetSuite Products:

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the use of DbNetSuite products for your project. We hope to apply these products in a new sector within a university environment and look forward to the new applications that we may build with their components.Quotation mark

Mr. Michael Welch
Systems Administrator/Educational Technologies
University at Buffalo, NY
University Of Glasgow

Delivering results with DbNetSuite

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Tasked with creating a complex and prestigious publicly funded web-application by the Scottish Executive Education Department, Dr Barry Clark was looking for a suite of tools that would enable him to get the job done quickly, efficiently, in-budget and on-time. Using DbNetSuite he was able to achieve all his objectives in less than 3 weeks.

Quotation markWe were recently funded by the Scottish Executive Education Department to research into setting up a national system to solve the teacher training placement problem across Scotland. The project involved a complex matrix of 32 Local Authorities, 3000 schools and 7 Universities, matching demand (requests from the Universities) to capacity (places available in Schools). The solution had to be internet based and slick in operation. Knowing from the outset that ASP would be too slow, we experimented with a Delphi n-tier database application running over port 80. This worked but was problematic in terms of installation and support.

I sensed that AJAX and ASP.NET could be a solution and finally found DbNetSuite supplied by DbNetLink. Despite massive experience in ASP I was a complete ASP.NET / AJAX novice, so had concerns about switching to this environment. These were completely unfounded, within 3 weeks I had totally re-written the n-tier Delphi application into ASPX and substantially enhanced the functionality with drill-down grids, side-by-side tabular and editing panels (using DbNetGrid and DbNetEdit), data filters etc.

Not only did the application look modern and professional, it was easy to use and FAST. The use of AJAX clearly showed up in areas like data filtering and posting data: the absence of slow and annoying page refreshes is a real boon to operators using the application on a daily basis. Without DbNetSuite, my research and development would have been completely off track. Instead, I have a polished, fast and professional looking web application - all with minimal coding, allowing me to concentrate on design and functionality, without wondering "can I make it work?". With DbNetSuite, and not forgetting the excellent technical support, you can !Right Quote

Dr Barry Clark
Senior Lecturer in Medical Education
Director of VALE (Virtual Administration and Learning Environment)
Medical School, University of Glasgow.