ASP.NET Ajax components

DbNetSuite is a set of lightweight integrated AJAX enabled ASP.NET components for creating web applications that interface with the database and file systems.


DbNetGrid is an ASP.NET grid control that is part of DbNetSuite and can be used to display and edit database information from any of the supported databases.


DbNetGrid includes a powerful search dialog that allows you to easily interrogate your data. A full set of query operators can be applied to each column selected for search and combined together in exclusive or non-exclusive mode. Lookups can be added to enable key values be selected using their descriptive text. Search dialog can be presented in "simple" mode users who just need a single search box applied to multiple columns and also "advanced" mode that allows power users to combine criteria from multiple instances of the standard search dialog.

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DbNetGrid includes a built-in edit dialog that enables you to edit the currently selected row and add new rows. All input is automatically type validated and supports the editing of all column types including binary data fields that may be used to store images or documents. The dialog also supports fields with HTML content with its own HTML editor. As with the search dialog, lookups are also supported and can be implemented in one of six different styles.

In additon to the edit dialog DbNetGrid also allows the grid to be edited directly so that a whole page of data can be modified in a single transaction.

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Interactive web reports can be created quickly and easily with DbNetGrid. Reports can be exported in HTML, Word, Excel, XML, CSV or PDF format. In addition grid data can also be printed directly to a printer or copied to the clipboard.

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User Profiles

User profiles allow a runtime grid configuration such as search selection or sort sequence to be saved and then recalled at a later time by the user.


DbNetGrid can be integrated with either the MS Chart Control or client-side charting controls such as Google Charts allowing grid data to be represented graphically in real-time.

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