Getting Started

To get DbNetSuiteCore up and running in your solution just follow these steps

Install the DbNetSuiteCore Nuget package

Using the package manager console

Install-Package DbNetSuiteCore

or via the .NET Core command line interface:

dotnet add package DbNetSuiteCore
Add the DbNetSuiteCore middleware to your application pipeline

Add the lines indicated below to your program.cs file

Add the DbNetGridCore component to your Razor page

  • Add the DbNetSuiteCore.Components namespace to your page (@using DbNetSuiteCore.Components)
  • Include the style information required by DbNetSuiteCore (@DbNetSuiteCore.StyleSheet())
  • Add the DbNetGridCore component and configure as required. The minimal amount of configuration required is the name of the connection string (from the connectionStrings section of the appsettings.json file) and the name of the table(s) or view(s) including any necessary join information(@DbNetSuiteCore.ClientScript())
  • At point in your page where you would like the grid to appear call the Render method of the component instance (DbNetGridCore customersGrid = new DbNetGridCore("northwind", "customers");)
  • Include the client-side script required by DbNetSuiteCore (@DbNetSuiteCore.ClientScript())
  • For further configuration consult the help.