Selecting Multiple Rows


Use the MultiRowSelect property to enable the selection of multiple rows. The default automatic selection of the first row and the selection of a row by clicking anywhere in the row can be supressed by setting the AutoRowSelect and RowSelect properties to false. The location of the checkboxes can be configured using the MultiRowSelectLocation. The example also demonstrates use of the OnInitialized event to save a reference to the grid in the client-side code which is then used to access the selectedRows client-side method.

Multi-row select location

DbNetGridCore customersGrid = new DbNetGridCore("northwind", "customers")
    PageSize = 10,
    MultiRowSelect = true,
    AutoRowSelect = false,
    RowSelect = false,
    MultiRowSelectLocation = Model.MultiRowSelectLocation

customersGrid.Bind(EventType.OnInitialized, "saveGridReference");